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Caring for Wooden ClogsUpdated 10 months ago

Wooden Sole Materials

The soles of your wooden clogs are made from a solid FSC certified plantation forest pine wood, and are finished with a natural oil to help protect against dirt and moisture.

How to Clean and Care

  • Wipe dirt and debris off with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

  • Please treat your clogs with care - they are made of natural materials! 

    • Marks and dents may occur if the wooden soles are struck against a hard surface. You can use sandpaper to smooth these out.

  • You can use linseed oil or a natural wood oil to keep the wood in good condition and refresh the appearance of the wood.

    • You only need a very small amount of the product. Make sure that you apply it evenly!

    • Follow the care instructions of the oil/product that you use.

    • The oil will darken the wood slightly and enhance the wood grain. We recommend first testing the oil on the bottom of the shoe first to see the impact.

How To Protect

  • Your clogs come finished with a natural oil to protect against dirt and moisture.

  • Water and wood are not compatible - we do not recommend wearing clogs in the rain!

If your clogs do absorb water, allow them to dry slowly at room temperature to avoid splits or cracks in the wood. Do not put them on a heating source or in direct sunlight. 

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