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Leather Care Overview

When properly cared for, leather retains its strength and durability. As it ages, a leather shoe will mould to fit your foot and the leather will soften. Premium leather is also breathable, thus eliminating sweaty or smelly feet. Before wearing your

Caring for Knitwear

To preserve the natural shape of your knitwear, it is recommended to store them gently folded and stored on shelves or in drawers. It is best to store knitwear with any zippers or buttons done up. If you prefer to hang your knitwear, we recommend usi

Smooth & Pebbled Leather

To keep your leather looking its best, we recommend caring for your shoes and boots every 8-10 wears. A proper routine for smooth or pebbled leathers combines four key steps:.

Calf Hair

Clean the shoe with a Nubuck brush. Softly remove dirt and stains with bristles. Do not brush too vigorously.Retreat the shoe with a protectant spray.

Nubuck & Suede

It's a common misconception that Nubucks and Suedes require more care than smooth leathers. To properly care for Nubuck, simply spray the shoe and sole with a Leather/Nubuck protectant. No conditioning or shining necessary!. As required, continue to

Caring for Water Resistant Leather

Our Water-Resistant Leather can withstand the elements better than our traditional leathers, suedes, and nubucks. This is due to the special water-resistant coating applied to the leather to make it water resistant. To keep this material in its ideal

Caring for Accessories

Accessories don't typically face as much wear or tear, but they still need care and attention to keep them looking their best. To maintain the lustre and allure of the material, we recommend using an all-purpose leather protector, and regularly treat

Caring for Wooden Clogs

The soles of your wooden clogs are made from a solid FSC certified plantation forest pine wood, and are finished with a natural oil to help protect against dirt and moisture. Wipe dirt and debris off with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Please treat yo

Caring for Crepe Soles

We use a synthetic crepe wrap on the soles of our Palm Springs Chukkas. This means that they have the signature crepe look but are a little bit more durable than a traditional crepe sole. These soles are lightweight, gummy, and light in colour, meani