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Poppy Perks Program OverviewUpdated 2 months ago

What is Poppy Perks?

Poppy Perks is a loyalty program that rewards customers with exclusive offers and experiences. Joining is free and you'll unlock new perks through your purchases at Poppy Barley.

How do I join Poppy Perks?

To join Poppy Perks, create an account here and you will instantly be enrolled. If you have already created a Poppy Barley account, you will automatically be entered into the Poppy Perks program.

To join Poppy Perks in-store, a Poppy Barley staff member will be happy to assist you with the sign-up process in-store!

What if I already have a Poppy Barley account?

If you have already created a Poppy Barley account at poppybarley.com, you will automatically be enrolled in the Poppy Perks loyalty program. If you have purchased at Poppy Barley but have not created an account, you will need to create an account at https://poppybarley.com/getperks , to officially be enrolled. Past purchases will only be recognized within your Poppy Perks account providing the same email was used on past purchases.

If I subscribe to your emails, does that mean I am a part of your Poppy Perks?

No, subscribing to our "Insider" email list does not mean you are signed up for Poppy Perks. You must create an account in order to join Poppy Perks.

By joining Poppy Perks, and agreeing to Poppy Barley's email subscription, you will be both a Poppy Perks loyalty member and Insider subscriber. You are able to unsubscribe at any time

How can I cancel my Poppy Perks account?

If you would like to cancel your Poppy Perks account, please email [email protected]. Please keep in mind that once you cancel your account, you can not reactivate it at any point and no past purchases can be tracked or used towards your Poppy Perks status.

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