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Getting The Right FitUpdated 5 months ago

Unsure of your fit? Rest assured that you can successfully measure yourself from home in under 5 minutes (98% of people measure themselves correctly, and for the few who don't, we offer Returns and Remakes. How great is that?!). Follow these simple steps and you'll be on your way to a comfortable fit that‚s universally applied to all our footwear.

If you‚re a Medium shoe size, you don't need to learn how to measure yourself for Poppy Barley‚sour shoes fit true to size and are sold in standard US sizing. For any style specific fit notes check the product details box!

How To Measure Foot Size

We offer most of our products in Women's sizes 5 - 12 and Men's size 5 - 15. To see what styles are available in your size use the Filter function on our website!

If you are unsure of your foot size or between sizes we encourage you to measure your foot width to see if you've been sizing up or down to accommodate a wide or narrow foot.

The most reliable way to get an accurate foot size measurement is to be measured on a brannock. We recommend visiting a Poppy Barley store in Edmonton, Calgary or Vancouver, or head down to your local shoe store to get measured.

How To Measure Foot Width

While standing, measure the circumference around the ball of your foot at its widest point. Usually this is from the bone just below your little toe to the bone just below your big toe. You measure the width of your foot while standing as this is when your foot is at its widest.

You can then compare your foot width to the widths for your foot size in our Foot Width Chart to see what width you need!

How To Measure Calf Width

In a seated position with your feet firmly on the floor and your legs bent at a 90-degree angle, wrap the measuring tape around the widest point of your calf.

To find the widest point of your calf, slide the measuring tape up and down your calf to confirm the widest point.

If you are over a calf girth measurement (e.g. 37.25 or 37.5 cm) we recommend you round up to the nearest calf girth measurement (38 cm) to make sure you can get your boots zipped up (once zipped up the leather will relax slightly with wear.) If you‚d like to tuck jeans into your boots, measure yourself over your jeans.

How To Measure Boot Height

Sit with your knees at 90-degree angle and your feet flat on the floor. On the side of your leg, hold the measuring tape 2.5 cm / 1 inch below your crease. Pull the measuring tape straight down to the floor.

Ensure your chosen boot height is below the crease of the knee, otherwise your boots will not be comfortable when the knee is bent.

General Measurement Tips

Always measure both feet and legs, as it‚s common to find a difference in measurements. Go with your larger measurement.

  • For all measurements, ensure your measuring tape is snug, but not constricting.
  • The measurements you submit are not the final measurements of your footwear. Our expert pattern makers use the measurements you submit as a guide.
  • We are committed to getting you into a pair of Poppy Barley shoes you love and offer free Returns and Remakes if the size isn‚t quite right.

Our Concierge team is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm MST to assist you please don't hesitate to contact us at 1.888.404.5161 or [email protected].

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